House Valuation

House Valuation in Auckland

Simon Head & Associates helps you make smarter, more confident decisions about your property. Whether you are selling or buying, investing or building, our residential property valuation services will give you the information you need.

When it comes to Auckland house valuation services, our team of experienced and registered home valuers will provide reliable advice about anything related to real estate valuations. We understand that not many residential property owners know the intricacies of the real estate sector. Our team makes it a point to explain every detail and process relevant to valuation. We not only give you the numbers, we also let you know how we came up with it.

Knowing the Real (Estate) Value

Our home valuer will need to visit your residential property, measure it, and take note of all relevant details about the structure and its condition. The size of the property, its rooms, the layout, any structural faults, presentation, renovations, fixtures, and any other improvements will all be considered in valuing the house.

The better the house is (in layout, condition, and functionality), the higher its value will be. You can then use this to get a better deal when buying or selling, or in applying for a bank loan. What makes our work stand out from others is in our offering of a comprehensive, detailed report you can always count on. Apart from Auckland house valuations, we also appraise residential land and properties. 

We have good relationships with major banks, which can help in your mortgage lending application. We have cultivated strong relationships with industry experts and companies, which allow us to give you the best possible service and advice.

Knowing what your property is worth will help you make a more informed real estate-related decision. Work with us today and experience our top-notch work first hand. A reliable Auckland house valuation starts with a call to Simon Head & Associates.
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